Husseini, Sarah R.

Area of Study: 
Multilateral Approaches to Countering Terrorism with a focus on comparative studies between international terrorist organizations. Areas of interest include: International Law, International Security, Counter-Terrorism, United Nations, Capacity Building, and the Middle East.
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 


Sarah is the Elections Officer at the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the UN. In her capacity as Elections Officer, Sarah designs and runs international campaigns in which the Government of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Nationals are candidates. Additionally, Ms. Husseini directs the outreach efforts including internship programs, the UN Young Professionals Program, as well as recruitment. Previously, Sarah was the Sixth Committee Experts covering topics in Legal Affairs and Counter Terrorism and was the Fifth Committee (Budgetary and Administrative Committee) Adviser at the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the UN. Prior to joining the Mission, Sarah completed her Master’s Degree at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations where she specialized in International Law and Human Rights. Sarah is a member of Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society for International Relations.

Research Activities
2014 April - Paper. Preventing the Destruction of Culture: The Debated Necessity of a Protocol to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. Rutgers University, Division of Global Affairs. Newark, NJ, USA.
Forthcoming Publication: PhD Dissertation on comparative studies in recruitment methods of international terrorist organizations.

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