Campos-Medina, Patricia

Area of Study: 
Globalization, Trade, Human Security and Migration, US Immigration policy; Global governance, ILO and International Labor Rights; International Political Economy and American Politics.
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 

       Patricia Campos-Medina is labor leader and academic focusing on engaging and educating workers to be advocates for their own empowerment.  She currently serves as the Co-Director of the Union Leadership Institute at the Workers Institute, Cornell University where she develops curriculum and delivers training programs on three core areas of academic programing; workers rights, globalization and immigration reform.  She is considered an expert on issues related to leadership development, US labor unions, workers rights, voting rights, Latinos and US immigration policy.
       Patricia holds a BS and MS from Cornell University and is currently pursuing at PhD from the Department of Global Affairs, Rutgers University, Newark. Her areas of research include immigrant integration, immigrant workers rights, immigrant worker organizing, Central American migration patterns, economic development and trade.

Research Activities 

  1. “Strategies for Organizing Immigrant Workers in Precarious Work.”, Transatlantic Social Dialogue, Brussels, May 2016
  2. “Labor Standards in Free Trade Zones: Field Research in El Salvador, Central, America.”International Conference on Free Trade Zones and Labor Standards, Shanghai, China, November 2015



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