Herman, Kyle S.

Area of Study: 
EU Energy Policy for the 21st Century, Energy Security, Renewable Energy Patent law
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 

Biography Kyle Herman has worked with the United Nations in Geneva and New York from 2011-2014 as part of the Expert Working Group on the Framework Convention of Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC), which will culminate with a hopeful global agreement in Paris in December 2015. In New York he worked for the Council for Global Security and Governance (CGSG), a private arm of the UN integrating multinational companies into the decision-making and investments for climate policies; he also worked with Greenmax Capital Advisors in Brooklyn, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation, to develop clean-tech programs in South America. In 2011 after gaining a Masters in International Studies from the University of San Francisco, Kyle spearheaded lobbying for logical EU-wide renewable energy policies in Brussels and Denmark under the auspices of the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE). Since 2012, he has increased his global presence in the clean-tech innovation network via his own non-profit, The Coalition for Renewable Energy, which researches and presents evidence for successful implementation of country-wide clean-tech programs around the world.

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