Fisher, Scott

Area of Study: 
Beyond sanctions, diplomacy, and soldiers – adding information operations to the foreign policy toolkit
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 

Scott Fisher is a PhD candidate in Global Affairs at Rutgers University. His graduate coursework focused on international security and area studies, and his forthcoming dissertation tests the saliency of cyber and information tools in the foreign policy toolkit. Scott's professional experience includes years as a professor of Korean-English translation in Seoul, work as a crisis management analyst for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, and a recent deployment to Afghanistan as an Army officer in charge of a counterterrorism-focused information operations team. Publications include Work Hard for the Kims!, an introduction to North Korea through the country's propaganda posters; Speaking for Everyday Life, a bestselling ESL textbook series in Korea; and Axis of Evil World Tour, an American's Travels in North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. He blogs at

Research Activities

  1. Work Hard for the Kims! An Introduction to North Korean history, ideology, and culture through the country's propaganda posters, (2014).

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