Duffy-Jaeger, Kathryn

Area of Study: 
violent extremism and global policy issues, immigration issues
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 
I grew up in England, Belgium and Switzerland and lived most recently in Germany prior to starting my studies at Rutgers University. My undergraduate background is in international affairs and Arab Studies. A former competitive rower, I worked in Germany as a development coach for competitive rowing at the national and international level. During this time that I became interested in Germany's relationship to the EU and the international arena, specifically under the government of Angela Merkel. At Rutgers, I received the Homeland Security Fellowship and through papers and conference attendance was able to further my interest in violent extremism especially with regard to the European space. As a Ph. D. student my research focus is now on issues surrounding radicalization, the EU and policy.

Research Activities
       I have attended multiple conferences at the national and international levels on themes related to violent extremism and the need for community-based solutions for the prevention of mass casualty attacks, and have written papers related to this theme. I have also had the opportunity of attending workshops related to the refugee crisis and participated in the Rutgers-based "Communities of Trust" project which took me to Brussels last summer.


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