Simone Martin

  • Dissertation Title: "An Evaluation of the Impact of Maternal Health and Parenting Programs on Child Health Outcomes: A Case Study of a Community-Based Organization in the Western Cape, South Africa"
  • Description: Socio-economic inequities, poor maternal nutrition and alcohol abuse by expectant mothers, the three risk factors explored in this study, have resulted in malnourished infants and children. One response to this is that community-based organizations have been developed throughout the province to provide at-risk, low-income Black and Coloured mothers with life and parenting skills, income generating programs in order to lessen socio-economic inequities and maternal and child health disparities and offer early childhood development centers for young children while their parents are at work. Although there is significant research that indicates participating in evidence-based parenting programs can improve child health outcomes in high-income countries, few studies have examined their effectiveness in low-and middle-income countries and what constitutes effective implementation of parenting interventions in severely impoverished rural communities. This case study will examine how a community-based organization helps at-risk Black and Coloured mothers make better nutritional, behavioral and parenting choices through a program theory and process evaluation using qualitative interviews, observations and document analyses. Life Course Theory and the Social Determinants of Health are the guiding conceptual models to frame this research which stress that barriers to health, including economic disparities and health inequity, in the early years of life can have an impact on the health trajectories of children and that a mother’s social position is the main determinant of inequity, respectively
  • Committee: Jeffrey Backstrand (SPAA), Teri Lindgren (School of Nursing and DGA), Andres Rengifo (School of Criminal Justice), and Timothy Dye (University of Rochester) 
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