Research & Methodology Requirement

Ph.D. students must complete six credits of methodology courses (at least one 3- credit qualitative and at least one 3-credit quantitative). Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take additional advanced methodology courses.

Please see below for a list of DGA courses that fall within the methodology requirement:


  • 26:705:677 Qualitative Research Methods (basic)
  • 26:790:533 Research Methodology in Political Science (basic)


  • 26:478:532 Quantitative Methods for Global Affairs (basic)
  • 26:834:607 Quantitative Methods I (advanced; Ph.D. only)
  • 26:834:608 Quantitative Methods II (advanced; Ph.D. only)

Note: Ph.D. students are encouraged to take advanced methodology courses as electives in addition to the required six credits.

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