Master's Students - Internships

Internships are encouraged but not required as part of DGA's M.S. program. Upon prior approval from the DGA Director, students may complete an internship for three (3) or less credits from an approved international organization, NGO, government agency, transnational corporation, media organization, or other institution active in some aspect of Global Affairs. Internships generally entail one (1) full day or more of work per week for the duration of the semester. Students interested in internship credits should submit a request in writing to the Director. The request should include the following: a description of their duties with the name of the organization, a summary of how the position will assist the student in their future endeavors, and the name and title of the person to whom they report. Upon completion of the internship, students should submit a paper on what they learned and a note of completion and evaluation from their supervisor. 

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