Master's Students - Independent Study

M.S. students may not exceed three (3) credits of independent study courses explicitly dealing with topics related to global affairs. Such credits should not be used to maintain matriculation, nor can they be submitted in lieu of an AI or the Evolution of the Global System course. 

  • In order to embark upon an independent study, students must:
  • Identify a DGA faculty member (core or associate) willing to supervise the research and grade the paper or project
  • Register for the course after acquiring a special permission number and approval from the DGA Director. Students wanting special permission for independent studies should submit the following:
    • Written approval from the DGA core or associate faculty member willing to supervise them 
    • A topic and focus for the paper
    • Details on the student's current status 
  • Complete the paper or project within the required time frame and submit it to the DGA faculty member supervising the independent study course for a letter grade
    • Please note: late papers will result in a lower grade 
    • The designated faculty member will determine the length and requirements for all papers submitted as part of the independent study. This information will be provided to the student before he/she registers for the independent study. 

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