Area of Inquiry Courses

Masters and Ph.D. students must complete seven (7) of the eight AI courses (21 credits) with grades of B (3.0) or higher in order to remain in the program. Students who do not receive a grade of B or higher in any AI course must retake the course. All AI requirements must be completed in residence. Transfer credits may not be used in fulfillment of AI requirements. 

Seven (7) required AI Courses:

  1. 26:478:537 - Global Governance (Global Governance)
  2. 26:478:541 / 26:553:601 - Global Political Economy (Global Economics)
  3. 26:478:589 / 26:553:601 - History of International Business (Global Business)
  4. 26:478:516 - Human Security
  5. 26:478:504 - International Law
  6. Global Development
  7. 26:478:514 - Ethics, Security and Global Affairs (Conflict and Resolution)
  8. Human Rights and Mass Atrocities  

Note: Course numbers may change in a given academic year. Please consult DGA's website ( for updated details.

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