Alejandro Giménez-Santana

  • Dissertation Title: The Nexus between Contexts of Criminal Risk and Socioeconomic Inequality on the Rate of Violent Crime Victimization: Evidence from Variations across neighborhoods in Bogotá, Chicago, and Paris.
  • Description: This empirical study utilizes both micro and meso-level variables to study the spatial correlation between communities where relative deprivation and environmental criminal risk co-exist, to explain how these factors influence the likelihood of violent crime victimization. As per the results of this research, unique contexts of socioeconomic inequality and environmental risk are positively associated with an increase in neighborhood rates of violent crime victimization.
  • Committee: Leslie W. Kennedy (Chair), Carlos Seiglie (Rutgers DGA/Economics), Joel M. Caplan (Rutgers SCJ), Grant Drawve (University of Arkansas).
  • Curriculum Vitae

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