Why Join the Global Affairs?

Study at the Division of Global Affairs and Shape the 21st Century

The Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program adopts an interdisciplinary approach to global issues. Our programs prepare students for careers in global public policy and government and NGO consultancies and as field officers in an increasingly integrated job environment.  Our students develop the skills necessary to fill positions in national governments and institutions, international organizations, and NGOs. Choosing Rutgers University Division of Global Affairs:

  • A Global Research Agenda
    • Our teaching and research agenda is centered on seven Areas of Inquiry developed around a multidisciplinary approach:
      • Global Governance
      • Global Economics
      • Global Business
      • Security (Human, National and International)
      • International Law
      • Global Development
      • Conflict and Resolution​​

Graduate students are encouraged to work independently and with faculty to produce scholarship at the forefront of new and emerging theoretical and policy issues. Research and learning opportunities are enhanced by inter-university partnerships including with the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR) which holds a UNESCO Chair in Genocide Prevention.

  • A Multidisciplinary Experience
    • Learn in an intellectually eclectic environment. Our distinguished faculty represent a range of disciplines including law, economics, environment, international relations, and philosophy.  We offer graduate seminars taught by Visiting Professors of Global Practice who hold positions in international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.  The graduate student body at the Division of Global Affairs is diverse and contributes to our unique and multidisciplinary character. Our students come from more than 47 countries and have an array of academic and professional backgrounds in the fields such as business, economics, environment, philosophy, politics, and law
  • An Interconnected Location
    • Attend classes in a prime location.  The Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers University-Newark campus is just 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan and 2.5 hours from Washington, D.C. by train.  Our location offers students the opportunity to network, intern, and work with the world's leading international organizations, NGOs, and think tanks.

The Division of Global Affairs offers a Ph.D. and M.S. degrees. Through the curriculum, students learn analytical skills that address the political, economic, behavioral, and normative aspects of complex global policy problems.

For more information on the Ph.D., M.S., Online M.S., and Certificate programs, please explore the degree requirements, our distinguished faculty, and the work of our students. For more information please contact Division of Global Affairs Interim Associate Director Natalie Jesionka.

Testimonials of Global Affair Ph.D. Students:

global affairs Suray Duygulu (Turkey): "Global Affairs (Küresel Çalışmalar) doktora programı güncel ve ilgi çeken küresel konuları kapsadığı için dikkatimi çekmişti. Alanında uzman öğretim üyelerinin rehberliğinde, Küresel Çalışmalar Programı tartışılmakta olan küresel konular hakkında çok-disiplinli akademik araştırmalar yapmak için eşsiz olanak sağlamaktadır. Büyük New York Metropol bölgesinde bulunması Birleşmiş Milletler gibi uluslararası kurum ve kuruluşlara ulaşma açısından bir avantaj olarak görülebilir. Bu programda çok çeşitli alanlardan ve kültürlerden gelen öğrenci yapısı, yardımsever ve sıcak bir yönetim anlayışı ve yüksek derecede bilgili öğretim üyesi kadrosu ile karşılaştım. Programdaki ilgi alanım küreselleşmenin kişisel ve ulusal güvenliğe etkilerini kapsamaktadır. “Modern Politik Terörizm”, “Küreselleşme ve Güvenlik”, “Etik, Güvenlik ve Küresel İlişkiler” gibi lisans üstü derslerin de yönlendirmesiyle araştırmalarım güvenlik ve sivil özgürlükler dengesi üzerine yoğunlaşmaktadır. İnanıyorum ki bu programı tercih edecek öğrenciler program süresince keyifle çalışacakları ilgi çeken güncel konular bulacaklardır." "The Global Affairs doctoral program attracted my attention since it covers contemporary global issues. With the guidance of the faculty members, experts in their field, DGA provides invaluable opportunities to perform cross-disciplinary research on pertinent global topics. Being located in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area is an advantage for connecting into international institutions. In the Division of Global Affairs, I found a multicultural environment with a diverse student body, a helpful and warm administration, and a highly knowledgeable faculty. My research interests consist of the impact of globalization on national and individual security. With the guidance of the DGA graduate courses e.g. “Modern Political Terrorism”, “Globalization and Security”, and “Ethics, Security, and Global Affairs” my research focuses on the balance between security and civil liberties. I believe that prospective students would find many interesting contemporary topics to study with joy in the program."

global affairsAlejandro Giménez-Santana (Spain):  "Desde mi llegada al programa de DGA en la Universidad de Rutgers he vivido un sinfín de experiencias, que me han enriquecido personalmente tanto por sus programas académicos como profesionales. El programa de Global Affairs ofrecido en el campus de Newark de la Universidad de Rutgers, se encuentra convenientemente ubicado a menos de 20 minutos en tren del centro de Nueva York. A mi llegada a Newark como estudiante del programa propio de máster en Global Affairs, descubrí las inmensas posibilidades que ofrece su programa de estudios para acceder a puestos de trabajo en diferentes organizaciones internacionales y ONGs. En mi segundo año como estudiante pude compaginar mis clases, muchas de ellas ofrecidas por las tardes, con un contrato de prácticas en la sede de las Naciones Unidas en Nueva York, lo que me ofreció experiencia en mi área de estudio. En la actualidad, soy estudiante de doctorado en mi último año de carrera. Mi investigación se centra en las variaciones de los flujos financieros en distintos países de la OCDE (Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico) y su impacto en los sistemas de innovación nacionales."

"Since my arrival to the Rutgers University Division of Global Affairs, I have been personally enriched through many experiences from their academic and professional program. The Global Affairs program offered at the Newark campus of Rutgers University, is conveniently located within 20 minutes by train from central New York.  I discovered the immense potential of its curriculum to access jobs in different international organizations and NGOs.  While I was pursuing my M.S. in Global Affairs, I combined my classes, many of which are offered in the evenings, with a training contract at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, which gave me experience in my field of study. Currently, I am a PhD student in my final year. My research focuses on variations of financial flows in different countries of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and its impact on national systems of innovation."

global affairsWeihao Huang (Taiwan): "在多年傳統國際關係的訓練並為了更精進自我, DGA在跨領域整合的課程設計與對於新興安全問題的專注讓我選擇該系所。舉例來說,透過不同角度對傳統IR觀念的解讀,如權力和策略,我得以更清楚的研究中國崛起。"

"Being trained in international relations and traditional political science, I chose DGA not only for its comprehensive cross-discipline orientation, but also for its focus on new security issues in the post-Cold War era. For instance, I have a clearer path to my research on the rise of China with a comprehensive understanding of traditional IR concepts, such as power and strategy."

global affairsAnna Ikeda (Japan) 国際人権の分野で修士を習得し、5年間働いた後、また大学院に戻ることを決意しました。ちょうど市民的非服従、非暴力運動に興味を持ち始めた時期でもあり、そういった内容を国際関係学の視点から学べる大学を探していたところ、住んでいる場所のすぐ近くにあるラトガーズ大学に、まさに自分が探していたプログラムがあることを知りました。DGA の良さは、学際的であることです。そして分野を広く理解した上で国際的問題を分析し研究できるよう、高度な知識・理解が望まれます。また、他の学部の生徒や、多種多様な国際経験を持つ学生と出会えることも、魅力の一つだと思います。博士論文では、アジアにおける反・米軍基地運動と、それらの取り組みがいかに基地をめぐる政治に影響するかをとりあげる予定です After completing an MA in international human rights and having worked for 5 years, I decided to go back to graduate school. I was looking for a program that would enable me to study civil resistance and social movements in the context of global affairs. Unexpectedly, the program was right in my backyard. I appreciate DGA's interdisciplinary approach and intellectual sophistication the professors demand, so that we can analyze and examine international issues grounded in the understanding of the overall field. I also appreciate the interactions I have with students from other departments, as well as those with various international experiences. My plan is to research anti-U.S. military base movements in Asia and how they affect base politics.
global affairs

Iuliia Kononenko

(Ukraine): "Мій вибір докторської програми був мотивований дослідницькими інтересами в сфері досвіду дітей-солдатів. Аналіз феномену рекрутування дітей різноманітними збройними силами можливий лише з урахуванням низки транснаціональних впливів та процесів таких як причини міжрегіональних конфліктів, переміщення біженців, формування і функціонування міжнародних норм та інституцій. Програма глобальних процесів в Університеті Ратгерс завдяки своєму міждисціплинарному спрямуванню дозволила мені скористатися перевагами різних дисциплін, таких як право, економіка та соціологія в розбудові мого дослідження. Також співпраця з провідними дослідніками в сфері міжнародних відносин, розвитку та безпеки значною мірою сприяє моєму формуванню як науковця. Я також вдячна програмі глобальних процесів за можливість взаємодіяти зі студентами з різних куточків світу, адже це дозволяє привносити різнобічні погляди в наші дослідження."

"My choice of the doctoral program was motivated by my research interests in the phenomenon of child soldiers. The analysis of the issue of child recruitment by various armed forces is possible only with the scrutiny of transnational processes and causes such as regional conflicts, refugee flows, and emergence and functioning of international norms and institutions. The Ph.D. Program in Global Affairs at the University of Rutgers with its multidisciplinary focus allowed me to take advantage of different disciplines such as law, economics and sociology in the development of my research. Also, cooperation with leading professors in international relations, development and security is contributing significantly to my development as a researcher. I am also grateful to the Program of Global Affairs for an opportunity to interact with students from around the world as it brings diverse perspectives into our research.”

global affairs

Eltion Meka (Albania): “Kam zgjedhur programin e doktoratures te Division of Global Affairs (Divizioni i Punëve Globale) sepse i jep nxënësve mundesinë të marrin pjese në një program ndërdisiplinore. Sipas karakterit ndërdisiplinore, nxënësit e kanë mundësinë të studjojnë mardhënjet ndërkombetare duke futur ne përmbledhje edhe disiplina te tjera si, ekonomia, sociologjia, dhe antropologjia, nder te tjerave. Në të njëjtën kohë, programi ka një grup studentor që permbledh gjith këndet e botes—një ambient ideal për studime globale.”

“I have chosen the doctoral program at the Division of Global Affairs because it gives students the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary program. According to the program’s interdisciplinary character, students have the opportunity to study international relations while taking into account other disciplines such as economics, sociology, and anthropology, among others. At the same time, the program has a student body that encompasses all corners of the world—an ideal environment for global studies."

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