52-Credit Course Review

After completing fifty-two (52) credits in the program--i.e. the seven (7) required AIs, two (2) capstone colloquia, two (2) research methodology courses, the courses satisfying the lective requirement (15 credits), the Evolution of the Global System course, and the Doctoral Seminar in Theory and Methodology--all Ph.D. students undergo a review of their academic record by the Associate Director. Students who have deviated from the requirements and have not obtained prior permission from the Director may have to take additional courses. Only students who have a grade-point average of 3.50 or higher in all non-language courses taken at Rutgers University and who have successfully passed the review will be permitted to continue with their doctoral studies at Rutgers-Newark. Students with an insufficiently high grade point average may submit an appeal to the DGA Director. Upon completion of the 52-credit review, students may take the required comprehensive exam.

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