Student Life

On Campus

In addition to the university wide events calendar, DGA has a robust schedule of events during the academic year. Students can also take part several DGA student organizations, including: Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society (SIR), the Student Association for Global Affairs (SAGA), and the DGA Newsletter Team.  

DGA strives to make every student, faculty, and staff member feel welcome!  Along with SAGA, a number of social events are hosted each semester, including the Thanksgiving Potluck, the Winter Holiday Potluck, and the International Food Festival.  Additionally, SAGA hosts game nights and monthly off-campus social mixers at a restaurant within walking distance from campus.  Associate Director Natalie Jesionka also hosts several "Chat and Chai" events throughout the semester, in which she invites successful early career leaders in their respective fields to network with DGA students in a relaxed setting. 

Additionally, students are able to cooperate with a variety of on campus research centers such as the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights.  The interdisciplinary nature of the program offers students the ability to find a niche within the university that best fits their interests. Campus life in Newark is active and engaging.  Newark  has many attractions that make it an ideal setting for an interdisciplinary education, and its proximity to New York City and easy transportation links to Washington, D.C. make it convenient for students pursuing a number of career paths.

Did you know that Newark, New Jersey is one of the oldest cities in America?  Settled in 1666 by the Puritans in New Haven Colony (now Connecticut), Newark rose to prominence as one of the most important industrial hubs on the east coast of the United States.  Newark is now home to the busiest airport (Newark Liberty International) and seaport (Port Newark-Elizabeth) on the East Coast.  Additionally, Panasonic, Prudential Financial, PSE&G,, IDT, and Manischewitz all have their headquarters in Newark.  You may notice their buildings as you walk around campus!

Where to Eat
The "Ironbound" District
Newark's historic "Ironbound" district is world-renowned for its Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish cuisines.  Students often head into the Ironbound to sample tapas or try the delicious seafood.  There are so many good restaurants that there are too many to name!  We suggest you check out "A Guide to the Ironbound: Newark's Culinary Gem" featured in New York Eater!

Close to Campus
While the Ironbound is a few minutes' drive or bus from Rutgers - Newark, there are many delicious restaurants and cafés close to campus where students like to hang out for lunch or dinner.  We recommend several right around the corner from Conklin Hall, including: Robert's Pizza, La Cocina, Thai Cuisine Express, McGovern's Tavern, Green Chicpea, Qdoba, Halal Guys, Burger Walla, 27 Mix, Freetown Café, and the Whole Foods supermarket.

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