Dissertation Committee

All Ph.D. students should, by the beginning of their second year, have a formal dissertation adviser to assist them in the selection of classes toward their concentration and the beginning stages of their dissertation proposal. The student must request a member of the DGA core faculty to serve as their dissertation adviser (chair). If the student is unable to do so, deviation from the core faculty is allowed upon the approval of the Director. In addition, the Ph.D. student must select three (3) additional members of their dissertation committee for a total of four (4) committee members. Other committee requirements: one (1) additional DGA faculty member (total of two counting the dissertation chair); one (1) faculty member from outside of Rutgers University; all members must be in a tenure or tenure track position at an institution of higher education or its equivalent at universities abroad. It is also required that at least one member be an expert in the student's specific field of choice. On occassion, subject matter experts/practioners who do not qualify because of their lack of university affiliation may be chosen to sit on committees subject to the recommendation of the Chair and the approval of the Director.

Dissertation proposals are developed in consulation with the student's dissertation advisor. Dissertation proposals must be approved by the student's full dissertation committee within one (1) year of beginning dissertation research credits. Verification of passing the proposal should be submitted to the DGA Associate Director via e-mail from the student's dissertation adviser (chair) with a copy to the additional three (3) committee members. Students may submit a written request for an extension to the DGA Director.

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