Joint Degrees and Exchange Programs

Joint Degrees

Students wishing to pursue a joint degree must satisfy the requirements for both programs. DGA has partnered with the Rutgers Business School (RBS), the Rutgers School of Law and the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy to offer a joint Ph.D. in International Business and Global Affairs, a joint M.S./J.D. or Ph.D/J.D. in Global Affairs and Law and a joint M.S./M.P.P in Global Affairs and Public Policy.

Joint degree students must satisfy requirements for DGA, as well as the ones of the Rutgers Business School, the Rutgers School of Law or the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. Students wishing to enroll in a joint-degree program must apply and be accepted to both programs. Once enrolled joint-degree students must complete requirements for both degrees. DGA will only accept courses with a global or international component. Also, please note that the Rutgers School of Law will only accept law school courses to fulfill their requirements. Please see the DGA Deputy Director for further information.

Exchange Programs

DGA students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with universities around the world. Exchange programs are beneficial to our students in a variety of ways and students are encouraged to participate. For students coming from one of our partner universities, you will find that not only does DGA offer you an exceptional educational experience but also introduces you to cultural diversity. In recent years, DGA has established three specific exchange programs with the following universities:

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